Whale watching eco-tour

Come on board of Mori Ora to leave a unique respectful and eco-responsible whale watching tour.

Humpback whales in French Polynesia

French Polynesia has become one of the biggest marine mammals sanctuary in the world in 2002. Indeed, a lot of cetacean, dolphins and whales, species can be observed in our Polynesian waters either all year long, either during certain period. 

Diverse marine mammals species can be observed such as spinner dolphins, roogh-toothed dolphins, grand dolphins, pilot whales, sperm whales, etc. 

Humpback whales or Magaptera come in our waters to spend the austral winter in warm waters from July to November. They wait for the summer to go back to Antarctica to feed. In French Polynesia, they mostly rest, socialize, mate and give birth to their babies in warm waters.  

Following a new regulation from the French Polynesia government and the DIREN (Direction de l’Environnement), environmental department, the whale watching excursion can take place from the 1st of August until the 11th of November. This means that before and after no whale watching tour can be booked. However, our normal sailing sunset tour are possible.

blue whale on sea

An eco-responsible excursion

With Mori Ora, come on board for a unique excursion, respecting the animal and ecological.  

Around French Polynesia, no food are present for the humpback whales. This is why it is very important for them to rest and have a peaceful and quiet environment when they need to. With Mori Ora, take part of an adventure that respect the animal. 

The excursion will be as much as possible with the sails and wind power. The whale watching will take place from the boat (no swimming planned) in order to let the animals rest and socialize. The duration is longer than with other companies to let us the time to find animals and to make respectful approach and observations. Whales teach us patience, and the more respectful we are, the bigger the surprises we get. 

A maximum of 6 persons will be on board to keep a small group and allow you a unique experience. A marine biologist or a naturalist guid will be present to share with you her knowledge and answer all of your questions to get to know better those oceanic beauties. 

Humpback whale tail

The excursion : time, prices

The meeting point is at the Opunohu's marina "Moorea Yacht Club", at the kilometric point 17,4, at 1PM.  

We will pick you up with our dingy at the marina to drive you to our sailboat that is in the middle of Opunohu's bay. The journey is already starting. 

After a presentation of the boat, and a safety briefing, the naturalist guid will explain to you how the tour is going to be and will start sharing information about the whales and other marine mammals that we can encounter. 

The duration is between 5 and 6 hours, according to the conditions and the animals. 

The way back to the marina will be at sunset with the amazing sunset colors setting on the beautiful scenery of the ocean and Moorea island. 

We will be back at the marina around 6-7 PM.

Price: 15 000 xpf per person. 6 persons maximum. 4 persons minimum.

- 1 to 2 persons: 60 000 xpf
- 3 to 6 persons: 75 000 xpf

gray whale