Our sailboat, Mori Ora:

Mori Ora is a spacious Bavaria 47 monohull sailing yacht, exculsive type, built in 1994. We are now her 3rd owners. She has already traveled half the globe.

Starting from Germany, her place of manufacture, she had settled for a few years in scandinavia, in order to get equipped for a world tour. then, she made her way quietly from Europe, to French Polynesia via Brazil, Panama, Chile and Ushuaïa. She arrived in 2019 in French Polynesia and since then has enjoyed the tropical weather, the wind and the waves of the Pacific.

Mori Ora, a robust and stable sailboat

Mori Ora is a top-of-the-range configuration with in particular a GTE keel (deep draft), an extended mast compared to the standard version and a large number of comfort equipments. It is a boat combining stability and robustness in navigation and comfort at mooring. Mori Ora is also equipped with a Yanmar 78hp engine to carry out maneuvers in complete tranquility.

Mori Ora is equipped with 3 cabins: the captain's cabin, the sailors' cabin and the bunk bed cabin, with a capacity of 6 persons including the crew.

You will also have access to the indoor living room, the well-equipped kitchen and the outdoor living room from where you can admire the wild greenery of Opunohu's bay.

A confortable sailboat with an old wooded style

The interior of the ship is made of original solid wood, giving an old, cozy and elegant style.

The interior configuration of the boat is the owner's version with a spacious cabin at the forefront of the ship, with a ceiling porthole to sleep like under the stars.

During your stay, you can have access to the kitchen, which is equipped with a gas stove with 2 gaz burners, basic kitchen tools (pans, saucepans, bowls, cutlery, plates, glasses, cutting board, etc.) and a small boat fridge. Salt, pepper, garlic, butter, oil and some spices will be available.

A sustainable experience

We love and cherrish nature. Our goal is to protect it as much as possible and decrease our impact. 

We propose a sustainable tour to experience and explore Moorea in communion with the nature. We will go where the wind blows and using the wind as propulsion as much as possible. 

On Mori Ora, we are looking at being the most self-supply of energy and water, with solar pannels and watermaker. It goes with a controled consumption of water and power on board. 

We also look at decreasing to the minimum the packaging, especially plastic. 

This experience is unique, and reconnecting you with nature.